Before kicking off this AM and during breaks, the Hoverwall developed by Signal was displayed on the main presentation screen.  Shown here are several people mulling (or hovering) around the Wall during the first break of the day.

Promoted via an in-bag insert, the Hoverwall is a novel solution that allows participants to engage with the event in never before ways.  The Hoverwall offers a visual, running commentary dedicated to happenings at the event.  The audience has two ways of engaging with the Hoverwall, via their Twitter account or SMS text message.

Twitter integration is seamless.  Visiting via either a desktop or mobile optimized website, users are prompted to login to their Twitter accounts then are returned to begin “tweeting” their comments and thoughts on the event.

Alternatively, direct to Hoverwall interaction is enabled via SMS text messaging.  Simply texting mobiu101 to 50101 begins a session allowing text messages to be posted to the Hoverwall.

Look for more about the Hoverwall from Signal.