Recently my colleague John Sharry has been talking to a few package design firms about how they can help their customers engage with the mobile shopper and capture either a new member for a loyalty program, new facebook fan, or a new email address.like_signal

With the rising threat of private labels, many brands are doing whatever it takes to stay in the ear of their consumer. Given my background at both Signal and a package design firm, I thought I’d offer some quick thoughts on how to effectively use packaging for immediate consumer engagement.

Social Growth & Package

To use the package for social growth, a CPG should ensure they are very clear in their call-to-action. Simply saying “follow us on Twitter” is usually not enough, as the customer may never think of it again, or know your Twitter handle to find you. If you are looking to promote Twitter, you should clearly state your Twitter handle on the package. Also, if tracking your ad mediums, you could mention a specific “tweet” you’d like people to send @ you once they follow you for a unique coupon, allowing you to track all the followers directed from your packaging campaign.

For Facebook the main goal is always get more fans. While meeting with a former marketing executive of Pabst yesterday, he indicated that he views 25k fans as the “magic number” to start really capitalizing on fan engagement, at least for mature brands.  One potential way to get there is a QR code and a “like-us” landing page, which streamlines the funnel from package to like. In this scenario you create a web landing page with your brand’s fan page like button on it, and some brief copy stating the benefits of “liking” you. Grabbing the iframe like button HTML from Facebook is pretty simple and it’s covered here. You then create a QR code that leads to this landing page and when scanned, the consumer is taken straight there. At that point, all they have to do is click the “like” button to become a fan.

List Growth & Package

To use the package for list growth, a CPG should create a text call-to-action, or utilize a QR code & landing page with an entry form to drive enrollment.  The convenience and utility greatly increases the likelihood of people joining, and if you write your call-to-action appropriately, you should see even more positive growth.

Simple statements like “connect with us” are not giving the consumer any nudge as to why they should offer up their email to yet another brand. Be sure to state the benefit of joining your program in your call to action (example: sign up for deals, fashion tips, and event notifications.)

quakerAdditionally, you could offer up sweepstakes codes, similar to what soda companies have been doing for years, but let people check them via text message or on a mobile website. Contests are typically the fastest driver of list growth, and can be a great campaign during your best “product season”.

Loyalty & Package

For loyalty programs, a concept of making “points” deposits immediate and mobile comes to mind. In this scenario a code with point values can be given on package, under a cap, or on the lid. Previously, a consumer would have to go online to deposit this loyalty code, but today that’s not convenient enough.  If a consumer was able to simply text their loyalty code to a 5 digit phone number, and have it deposited immediately it would seem ideal.  With Signal, a CPG could do this, by integrating their loyalty program with our messaging API and enhancing the convenience and speed of this interaction for the consumer. To further enhance that experience, the messaging API could be used to immediately return a “total points” balance to the consumer at that time, if and when they reach a certain “points” threshold a mobile optimized coupon could be delivered immediately to their phone or email for use. For a visualization of this click my chart below. Disclaimer: I never claimed to be a designer.


 If you’re interested in learning more about how Signal’s toolset can help you engage your customers, feel free to reach out to us!


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