Congratulations! If you’re searching for a single platform to unify your customer database and email, mobile & social marketing efforts, you already understand the critical importance of using one tool to rule cross-channel marketing. You’re one step ahead of your competition.

That said, you’re probably also struggling with how to make sense of this emerging space. Lots of providers claim to unify these channels and it’s hard to really understand the specifics of what they mean by that.  It’s also hard to know what to look for – what are the key ingredients a provider must bake into their product in order to offer you a successful cross-channel solution?

Enter Signal. In working with our terrific roster of customers, we’ve seen countless RFPs and been asked the same questions often enough that we realized we could make your life easier by simply publishing what we know.  So, we’ve done just that. 

Our Cross-Channel Marketing Request For Proposal Template gives you the definitive roadmap for what questions to ask potential providers, why those are the right questions to ask and what a winning answer might be. The best part? These questions and insights are all sourced from actual RFPs and questions we’ve received from our customers who are now seeing proven results in unifying their customer data and digital marketing in a single product.

Still asking what’s in it for us? Well, we’re obviously confident that Signal has a unique solution to power omnichannel marketing and are comfortable stacking our response against anyone in the space.  Feel free to challenge us by asking us to submit our own RFP response for your business and compare it to other providers your considering. We love challenges :)