Effective cross-channel marketing — hitting your customers with different, meaningful messages via several different platforms, like email and text — hinges on your ability to move customers up the commitment ladder. It’s relatively simple to get people to like your brand on Facebook, but how do you convert your Facebook fan base into an audience of buyers?

One way to start: moving customers one step up the commitment ladder by converting your Facebook fans into email list subscribers.

We’re excited to announce we recently launched a tool that allows you to embed an email subscription sign-up form widget directly into your Facebook page.

This new Signal email subscription widget will allow you to capture potential customers with a low-level commitment — a passive “like” on Facebook — then convert them into a more active relationship through email list subscription. Email is more personal, and more transactional, so if your end goal is to entice your customers into some sort of action (a purchase, a visit to your physical location), email is a more effective communication method than Facebook.

An added bonus? Email subscribers who are also your Facebook fans will be more likely to use share tools within your email and on your website to share shop items, coupons, and offers with their friends via Facebook. So remember to include social sharing buttons when sending emails to your Facebook-sourced email list.

3 things to remember when converting Facebook fans into email subscribers:

  1. Offer more value — right from the start. They’re already receiving the messages and discounts you’re channeling through Facebook. Want them to sign up for your email list? Tell them what additional value they’ll get from signing up to get emails. A chance to win something? A one-time coupon? Bigger discounts?
  2. Differentiate your messages. If you’re updating Facebook every day with offers, product news, and other content, be sure that what’s coming through your email list is different than your Facebook content. Maybe it’s more sophisticated, more in-depth, or maybe it offers exclusive content your Facebook fans just can’t get. While it’s important to repeat some messages across channels, where you can avoid it, don’t duplicate offers and information you push via Facebook in your email list.
  3. Be transparent. Getting your customers to climb the commitment ladder isn’t about bait-and-switch tactics. Be honest about what kind of emails you’ll be sending your customers and how often. Including something like this above your opt-in form is simple enough: Sign up to receive our twice-monthly email with exclusive content, coupons, and other special offers. You’ll be able to opt-out at any time.

Ready to get started converting your Facebook fans into email subscribers? Learn how to do it in our Knowledgebase. (You can also collect mobile phone numbers for a text marketing list!)

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Katherine is the Community Manager at Signal.

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