Today we’re launching some improvements to posting content to your social networks in Signal. These changes will make scheduling your content more efficient, and will increase confidence that your posts will reach your audience in the way you intend.

One page to create and schedule unique content for both networks

Not all posts are the same, and different platforms demand different writing styles. At Signal, we knew that Facebook and Twitter were different beasts, so we seperated the content  form fields so that you can now customize each post appropriately for the channel it is intended for.


The flexibility to customize your content, the networks you post to, and how it will appear, is right inline with what community managers want in a platform, including our own:

“I often post the same content to Twitter and Facebook, with different wording. This is pretty common with marketers and community managers, especially when it’s sales-driven content (something you’re trying to promote from your own site). A form should be able to post to multiple channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but since each channel is different, it’s nice to have a platform that recognizes that (allows you to pick the thumbnail for Facebook, for instance), and yet is handy to post all in one place.” – Katherine Raz, Signal

Awesome live previews

The live previews for each post show you what your content will look like when it goes live. These previews update as you type, and pull in your account avatars when you choose your social accounts to post to. When you incorporate a link to be posted to Facebook, we provide a preview of that content and allow you to tweak it as you would natively in Facebook. You can change the thumbnail image, remove the link from the body text, and optimize your corresponding clever comment.

This specific enhancement has been well received with our customers:

“I much prefer the individual page to the lightbox. Also, I absolutely LOVE the live previews. That’s something I haven’t seen anyone else doing (at least across both platforms like that). The way you’re using checkboxes and allowing for tagging is good too. Keep up the good work on these. You’re headed in exactly the right direction.”  – Signal customer

Photograph posting for Facebook

Now you can post and schedule photo posts to your Facebook pages. This is something that a lot of marketers do to keep their fans engaged, and we knew we had to support it in Signal. Because most photos being posted to Twitter are from mobile apps, we did not invest the same effort in adding Twitter photograph posting.

Use it now

This feature enhancement is made available to all Signal customers, and free trial users. At Signal we consistently aim to produce simple software for publishing email newsletters, text messages, and social content. What are you waiting for? Sign-up!

Still curious? Watch the video or read our knowledgebase article.


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