Despite the recent trend toward digital marketing and social media, direct mail remains one of the most effective ways marketers can communicate with customers. A recent study found that 12% of customers receiving at least a letter and 15% of customers receiving at least a catalog from a business later made a purchase on that company’s website, and those receiving direct mail spend, on average, 28% more per purchase than those who don’t. Especially in the household goods, heath products, insurance and financial services sectors, it still makes a lot of sense to send direct mail.

But direct mail doesn’t have to be 100% analog. Effective direct mail now mixes print and digital. Catalogs, magazines, letters and flyers can serve as a way to introduce yourself to the customer, then by including digital calls to action, you’re immediately moving them up the commitment ladder.

Here are three ways your direct mail can encourage more engagement with customers by including digital calls to action:

1. Use an SMS short code and keyword to start a dialog with customers

  • Get immediate feedback with a text poll
  • Gather customer information like birth dates and email addresses
  • Generate immediate sign ups to your text marketing list

2. Use QR codes to capture more data or initialize a call to action

  • Link to a video
  • Learn more about a product (link to a mobile-optimized landing page)
  • Capture data with a mobile-optimized web form

3. Create instant reward coupons

  • Deploy an instant coupon via text or email only after a customer completes a desired action, like joining a list


photo credit: uzvards via photopin cc

Katherine is the Community Manager at Signal.

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