Keeping with our focus on constant iteration and improvement at Signal, I’m excited to introduce to you some nice improvements we recently made with the Signal dashboard.

1) New Reach module

Our primary goal at Signal is to make it easy for you to understand how well your marketing efforts are doing and give you the tools to continually improve. One easy way to gauge how well you’re doing is to take a look at how many people are listening to you. Previously we had broken out these stats into two different modules: ‘People Stats’ for email and text subscribers, and ‘Social Stats’ for your Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.

These worked well but we really wanted to make it easier for you to see the size of your addressable audience in a comparative manner. Here’s a look at the new Reach module within the Signal dashboard:


As you can see, this new integrated module looks great and provides much faster access to information. We also improved the visual cues that show you growth and loss over time, and also highlight key stats more prominently. When something important happens, we’ll highlight the metric within the module and give you more information by way of a helpful tool tip. We also give you quick access to search your contacts by name, mobile and email address (searching by Twitter account or Facebook username is coming soon).

2) Redesigned Account Activity module

Just below the new reach module, you’ll notice a new timeline view of all team member activities within your account. This module will give you a quick heads up on what other members of your team are up to, with quick access to view your team member profiles and each marketing event.

This is just one small (super exciting) step into a larger effort we’ll be working on focusing on team member collaboration.

3) Redesigned content modules for email, text message, Twitter and Facebook

Earlier in the year we released beautiful new content modules for each major marketing activity within the Signal dashboard. These marketing activities include sending an email campaign, sending a text (SMS) campaign, posting to a Twitter account, and posting to a Facebook page. These are all core ways to communicate with customers and our goal was to provide a somewhat standardized module for looking at an event while breaking out stats that are unique to each event.

Here’s what the email campaign, Twitter post and Facebook post modules looked like before we redesigned them:

While these modules looked great, we thought we could do a better job of communicating both relative and total impact, and also cut down on some vertical space for each module. Here is a look at the redesigned modules:

These new modules do a great job of communication how effective each piece of content by showing not only relative stats (percentages), but also total stats (raw counts). In addition, we ‘ve included additional data that wasn’t available before in the dashboard. We now show you who was responsible for a piece of content via author attribute (for example, “K. Raz” in the email campaign and “J. Judge” in the Twitter and Facebook posts above).

I’ve always enjoyed how a series of simple changes can dramatically impact the user experience of a product, and in this case I think we’ve done a great job of really opening things up.

If you’re reading this, we’d love to hear from you – let us know if you have any feedback by posting a comment here, emailing us (, sending us a Tweet (@signal) or posting a message on our Facebook.

(cover photo credit: alan madrid via flickr)

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