Hey: did you forget something when you left the house this morning? Something that might just be endlessly dripping, drying and festering without your knowledge?

Why, yes: it’s that old email drip campaign you set and forgot seven months ago when you got all excited about lead generation through email marketing!

Look, we’re only reminding you because we’re guilty of it ourselves — we’ve let email drip campaigns continue to run with old information, outdated screenshots, contact information for people who no longer work for us and — worst of all! — dead links to important information we want to share with our customers.

You need to update your drip campaigns. And to do that, you need to remind yourself to update them. For those who aren’t currently using drip campaigns to aid in their marketing efforts, here’s a brief primer on how they work. The drawback? Once you’ve queued them to send based on marketing actions customers take, they literally run themselves for eternity. The zombie apocalypse could happen and your drip campaign could still be faithfully sending out birthday coupons. How embarrassing!

Here are some ideas for making sure your drip campaigns are always in-sync and up-to-date.

1. Check them once a month — set a Google alert to help you do this.

2. Print a physical copy and keep it somewhere where you can see it. (The opposite of “out of sight, out of mind.”)

3. Keep in mind that natural disasters, world events, etc. can interrupt people’s desire to receive a cheerful buying reminder via email, so use major events as a queue that it’s time to review your automated messages. (You might want to consider pausing your drip campaigns — or further segmenting them — depending on their content.)

4. Similarly, events in your company can signal it’s time to change or update your drip campaigns. Website redesigns, departures, promotions, policy changes and more can all affect the content of your drip campaigns so it’s no longer relevant. When things change at the company, use the time to update your auto-responders.

At the very least, you should plan to review your drip campaigns quarterly to make sure they don’t include out-of-date information or old links.

After all, you want to make sure every communication you’re transmitting is as effective as possible!


photo credit: Dan4th via photopin cc

Katherine is the Community Manager at Signal.

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