Brink’s Market is a family-owned and operated single location grocery story located in Chisago City, Minnesota. (Don’t know where that is? See it on a map.) Brink’s started using Signal when they were looking for ways to manage and expand their online marketing. We love them because they’re really embracing the “cross-channel” approach to marketing: using technology to create a seamless experience for their customers by engaging with them across multiple marketing channels at once.

SIGNAL: What Signal tools do you use to manage your marketing?

BRINK’S: Currently we are using Signal to manage our email newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS club customers. In the past we had used Mail Chimp or Madmimi to run our newsletters. For about the same cost, we are now getting much more bang for our buck.

What are your favorite Signal features?

What I like about Signal is the tools they give to help expand our reach. I especially like the promotion capabilities they have built in. You can run Facebook or SMS contests and have those that sign up added to your customer lists. It makes it very easy to grow our lists by offering a gift card drawing and letting Signal do all the managing of the promotion. All this and no additional cost for the service.

What’s one of the most important lessons you’ve learned about marketing over the years you’ve been in business?

I think the most important thing about marketing is keeping up with how to reach your customers. Traditional print advertising is still important for us, but to reach a younger generation we need to expand to the medium they are currently viewing. For us that means expanding into Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

Tell us a little bit about your mobile marketing strategy: how and when do you text customers? How do you collect their info?

We are just beginning our attempts into mobile marketing, but we have begun sending coupons via text on a weekly basis. Customer response from these coupons is running higher than average. We have collected the most subscribers by using a Signal promotion letting customers sign up for a gift card drawing. Signal allows us to have multiple keywords so we can run different promotions and measure their effectiveness. We have been stuffing grocery bags with flyers promoting our custom keyword and promotion details.

What’s a tip or trick about the Signal software that you’ve learned that you’d like to share with other users?

The best part about Signal is the dashboard. At a quick glance, I can see how many subscribers I have across multiple marketing lists. Before Signal, I was using a competitor for newsletters, logging into Facebook for posts, managing my Twitter feed, and trying to find a affordable way to set up a text list. Now I can reach all 4 platforms from one website.

Katherine is the Community Manager at Signal.

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