The holiday season is upon us, and that means one thing in particular for non-profits: end-of-year fundraising. With the rise of digital marketing and the increasing use of mobile phones everywhere, it’s easier than ever to reach potential supporters. But how to translate your digital reach into real donations? Here are a few digital marketing tips non-profits can use to help increase their donor base this holiday season:

Stand out by using animated .gifs in your email messages

We’re told all the time that video is an essential tool in non-profit fundraising. But not everyone on your email list has time to click through and watch a video — especially if they’re at work. Animated .gifs are a great way to capture a short “story” in a series of pictures that’s communicated immediately when patrons open their email. And they work in most email clients.

Integrating digital with your direct mail

There are several different ways you can use digital marketing to enhance your direct mail, including using an SMS short code and keyword to start a dialog with customers and QR codes to capture more data or initialize a call to action — like a donation.

Recruit volunteers via text

Use SMS to recruit those looking to donate their time versus their dollars. A simple call to action asking potential volunteers to text a keyword to a short code for more information helps  your organization collect the mobile numbers of people interested in helping out your organization.

Mobile fundraising updates

For people already on your fundraising list, use SMS to send fundraising updates. The call to action is important here: it’s less about your fundraising benchmarks as it is about alerting your donor base when their donation will be most effective. For instance, “Text me when my donation will be matched.”

Put your call to action in the most effective location

With QR codes and mobile alerts, it’s easy to include calls to action in places you otherwise couldn’t capture information, like transit ads. For non-profits with a public location, consider the effectiveness of adding a QR code within a point of impact in your location, like an exhibit or a building improvement project.

Mobile-optimized landing pages

Build and use mobile-optimized landing pages to tell the story of your organization to people on the go. When using QR codes to link to more information, especially from outdoor and transit advertising, direct mail, etc., you should always link to a mobile-optimized site. The benefit? It’s viewable on a mobile phone, and you can boil down your message to your single, most important call to action.

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Katherine is the Community Manager at Signal.

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