I was just going through the system we use to track our product development efforts (Redmine), and noticed a ticket from October 2010 that read “We should make the {{ “in 3 days” | date }} expiration tags publicly available for use in messaging. These are pretty helpful and I can see a lot of customers getting use out of them”.

We’ve definitely built a lot of stuff over the years, and this is one of those things we built and kind of forgot about. It’s actually pretty shocking how often this has happened and something we’ve tried to be mindful of over the last 18 months as we’ve focused on simplifying our efforts and prioritizing the biggest impact items for our customers.

What my friend Julian was writing about above is that we offer customers the ability to add an expiration date to their text messages based on their offer criteria. This means that when you schedule the following text message to be sent:

A special offer for being one of our favorite customers! Use code BIGOFFER at the register for free stuff. Hurry fast, off expires {{ "in 3 days" | date }}!

Your subscribers would receive:

Pretty nifty, eh?

Try it out for yourself by setting up a test list in your Signal account, subscribing to that test list, copying the message above and sending it to your phone.

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