Text, email and online marketing tools help you grow your customer base.

Communicate with customers

Email newsletters

Email newsletters →

Select from our library of pre-built, mobile-optimized email templates to use or create your own. Send beautiful email newsletters in less time with ease.

Text messaging

Text messaging →

Nothing beats SMS for last minute offers and driving opt-in at the point of sale. Signal gives you the tools to launch an effective program and be compliant with mobile carrier requirements from day one.

Social media publishing

Social publishing →

Update your status on Facebook and Twitter. Use short URLs to track your content. Quickly gauge the effectiveness of your posts in the Signal dashboard.

Manage customer relationships

Customer data management

Get a 360° view of your customers, down to each interaction with your brand across the mobile, social and email channels.

Easy segmentation

Reach the right people with the right offers. Segment your messaging based on contact data and customer preferences.

Automated marketing tools

Looking to launch a birthday club? Trigger messages based on an important event, or schedule a series of timed messages upon opt-in.

Grow your customer database

SMS keywords

When combined with short codes, SMS keywords are a powerful tool to track opt-ins. We provide you with unlimited keywords for tracking.

Web forms

Easy-to-build mobile-optimized web forms hosted on the Signal platform so you can collect customer information on the web and on the go.

Landing pages

Create and host mobile-optimized landing pages to display and collect information. Tap into our library of landing page templates to build mobile friendly, responsive pages.

Facebook forms

Easily build and publish forms to Facebook to collect information from fans and add them to email and text lists.

iPad app

Create tablet friendly signup forms to build your subscriber base in-store or at events with Antenna for iPad.

Subscribe Button

Our subscribe button makes it easier than ever to add a great-looking, space-saving, text or email opt-in form on your site.

Drive foot traffic, reward loyalty, build awareness

Local marketing tools

Let people opt-in to their closest location using a single text message keyword; build email subscribers via SMS as well.

Digital coupon software

Automatically send a coupon when someone subscribes via SMS. Or participates in a sweepstakes. Or likes you on Facebook. Or...

Sweepstakes management tools

Generate leads and grow your subscriber base using sweepstakes that collect entrants across Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and the web.

Capture insights

Text message survey tools

Gain valuable insights. Build a survey to collect demographic information and insights from on-the-go consumers.

Web & text message polls

Ask questions with SMS polling and web landing pages. Let customers vote for the next product to launch and more.