Data Upload/Export

Data Upload/Export

You own your data, now manage it with ease.

Upload your existing subscriber data inclusive of opt-in mobile numbers, email address and any custom attributes.

Data Upload/Export


Upload existing customer data to the system. Multiple file formats are supported (Excel, Open Office or CSV) and you can simply map the fields in your spreadsheet to those in the system. Don’t worry if you make a mistake mapping your fields, you can roll back any uploads and re-upload your subscribers.

Upload Mobile Phone Numbers

Define a message to send people confirming whether they would like to be on your text message subscriber list. You can edit this message but, cellular carriers require “Please reply Y to confirm your subscription. Msg&data rates may apply.” to be present. Example message

Once people reply “Y” to confirm they would like to receive text messages from you, the carriers require that an opt-in welcome message is sent containing certain information including: name of brand sending the message, instructions on how to unsubscribe by replying “STOP”, a rough estimate of the number messages you will send over a given time period, text message cost disclosure (i.e. Msg&data rates may apply), link to a website with information on the program (i.e. visit We take care of sending this initial message so you don’t have to worry about it. You can edit the message which says “Thanks for signing up for DEALS” to meet your needs but, the other message content is required for carrier compliance.

Upload Email Addresses

If your list upload includes email addresses, you can choose to send an email asking people to confirm they would like to receive emails from you by clicking a link. People are most receptive to your emails when they confirm their preferences, even if people have already opted into your list we recommend sending the confirmation message asking people to click the link.

  Alternatively, if you are transferring a list from another service provider (ESP) you have the option of uploading your email list without sending a welcome confirmation message. Uploads will be sent to our compliance team for approval before you can send your first campaign. Our customer service team is standing by to ensure your transition goes as smooth as possible. Although we strive to make the upload process as seamless as possible - if find you need help transferring your list from other provider - Contact Support.

Data Export

You can export data from your subscriber list or promotion campaigns anytime. Provide your email address and you will receive an email containing a CSV file.

Manually Add Subscribers

Need add a few subscribers quickly? You can add subscribers individually from your account. The same opt-in messaging flow described above for the upload applies when adding individual subscribers.

Campaign Data Exports

You can also export promotions campaign activity as well.